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At The Woodland School we are about forming connections, be it between people and nature or with other people around them. We do this by offering high quality outdoor experiences, sharing skills and providing people with the tools (both physical and mental) to develop themselves in all aspects, through our Bushcraft School and skills training.

The ethos of the school is L.I.F.E. of which all 4 aspects are seen in everything we deliver.

Learning: With every experience we deliver, the participants will go upon a learning journey. The Journey, be it a skill, or discovering something new about themselves or the natural world around them, is focused on learning and development. 

Integrity: We promote integrity. Our experiences are about honest journeys of self discovery. This is done with trust and respect to and from all members of The Woodland School ,both participants and instructors.

Family: The Woodland School promotes a feeling of family, with inclusivity at our core. Nature is adaptive and so are the school's teaching methods to best suit the needs of participants as is most reasonably practicable.

Environment: Being outdoors, The Woodland School is closely tied to the natural environment. The experiences we provide are about strengthening bonds with nature and learning how participants can work with environment so both thrive in unison.

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Firewands and Firekings a now available on to buy online


The ability to make fire easily and reliably is an important tool in bushcraft and survival. Our fire wands are robust, reliable tools to give you the ability to make fire in the worst conditions and our firekings do that with greater longevity due to their larger size. Both are available through our store.

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